Hi! My name is Jake. I've been a ceramicist for ten plus years. 
Kushti Bok Aromatics is rooted in simple ingredients, Romani culture and rad objects. Each ingredient is chosen because of its relevance in holistic medicines and healing. Regardless of if you buy into the healing properties of wood, resins, and herbs these candles and incense will leave you feeling better than you did prior to lighting them. Candles are made using a ratio of beeswax, coconut wax, and essential oils. Incense are made using raw materials such as cedar, piñon resin, and sweetgrass while avoiding added fragrances. The goal is to produce candles and incense that are transparent in their ingredients (so much so that you could make them), made by one person (me), and to be a reminder to slow down. 
Kushti Bok Aromatics uses Cieslinski Goods ceramics for its candles. Each vessel is crafted by one person (also me) and is unique to the moment that it is created. After each candle has burned completely they can be used in a dishwasher, microwaved, or used as drinking vessels.
I'm working on directly sourcing all ingredients for incense. Currently, Pinon Resin, Douglas fir, Sweetgrass, and Cedar are all sourced directly from individuals in California, Montana, or from Reservations.  All other ingredients are sourced from Scents of Earth who have a rigorous transparency network of vetted farms.  
 For all ceramic inquires please visit Cieslinski Goods.
Kushti Bok Aromatics is a Romani owned hobby.​​​​​​​
M  A  D  E.   I  N.   R  O  M  A  N  I  S  T  A  N